Introducing... Overture!

Overture is an brand-new, invitation-only group for our younger students who are enthusiastic about musical theatre, take their craft seriously, and are chomping-at-the-bit for more training and performance time. Overture members will take their skills to the next level, give back to the community, and have the time of their lives! With additional "theatre-nerd" group activities scheduled outside rehearsal time, Overture has the ingredients for a first-rate theatre-gang! Stay tuned for more details about Overture's 2020/2021 season of performances, rehearsals, and team activities.


What students are eligible to be considered for Overture in our 2020/2021 season?

* Students who will be 8 years or older as of September 2020
* Students who have completed at least two terms of Song and Dance classes by June 202020
* Students who have completed at least two terms of Acting classes by June 2020
* Students who have participated in at least two musical theatre productions at Upstart Crow by June 2020
* Students who demonstrate maturity and drive in our classes and rehearsals
* Students whose family has demonstrated support for their student's musical theatre training

In 2020, during Winter and Spring Terms, Upstart Crow teaching staff will be observing our students ages 7 1/2 and up for consideration to be invited to our Overture performance troupe. Our staff is looking for students who have shown potential, dedication, determination, and a desire to take their theatre arts education to the next level!