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Ever wondered what it means to sponsor a theatre show or season? You probably think only the big corporations can afford to do that, but you would be surprised what it takes to be a sponsor and the benefits you will receive. From big to small, we tailor the perfect package to your business' needs and requests, with great benefits at every level. 

Beyond the obvious, costumes and sets, there is theatre license, similar to royalties paid for music, there is the director, choreographer, stage manager, costume designer, vocal literally takes a village of dedicated artists to bring the magic together.

For the bigger shows, like Mary Poppins or Shrek, we need to rent a venue, another up front cost. Although our shows are funded in part by tuition and ticket sales, it does not cover the entire cost. With your investment, we can keep tuition affordable for all families, bring more children into the production who can't afford to participate and offer foster children and at risk youth an opportunity to see a live theatre performance. That is what makes your investment so important to your community.

Take a moment to find out what you can do to sponsor a show, or even a season. Click here for more information. Want a personal tour and conversation about your role? Give us a call and we will be happy to accommodate your schedule. Call 541-688-8260 or email today and let us put your name in lights!

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