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We are so excited to make live theatre arts come alive and inspire your child! Our class offerings begin with children as young as four in our Primary Stage to the top level Stage Door Team. The curriculum takes your child through the program, step by step. At each Stage, you will find appropriate classes that focus on technique and performance. We are ready to engage and inspire your child, giving them the confidence to succeed. 




Is your child the one who sings all day? Dances to every tune? Loves to pretend, dress up or has imaginary friends?  This is the perfect first step into the wonderful world of theatre for them. Using props, costumes, improv, puppets, and creating characters, not only builds a child's language skills, but also provides the makings of stage play. In a fun, learning experience, cast members engage and develop the pint-sized player with a blend of fine arts and academics. We call them the triple threat of the younger set!
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Finding the right mix of acting, vocals and dance is always an exciting challenge. The Stage One classes offer children an opportunity to choose a class or production where they would like to begin. This age group is perfect for letting the older child learn what it means to play a lead. Learning to play a chorus role, basic theatre techniques and vocabulary. Stage One is a great place to start in theatre and learn the ropes of performing. 
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Ready for more? Stage Two sets the course for more advanced classes from our Mix It Up Theatre series to Broadway-style musical productions. This training is priceless for those who believe this is their passion, but also for the child or teen that needs to find their place. Using appropriate materials and techniques, cast members journey to the next level of professional theatre. 
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Each Stage brings you to the Stage Door. Cast members are invited to join the troupe because they have demonstrated their love and dedication for theatre arts. Cast members work their way through the ranks, performing in shows, taking classes and honing their skills in musical theatre. They have the discipline to be in the advanced classes, workshops, theatre festivals and performing in the community. This is a long standing tradition at Upstart Crow Studios, a crowning achievement, if you will. The current troupe is the fourth generation of Stage Door.

The invitation is extended to cast members with a minimum of 2 years working in classes and at least two productions. This gives our teaching staff time to observe and facilitate the individual through the theatre arts curriculum. 

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