The audition process is one of placement not of elimination. Everyone who auditions is cast. No experience is required. In the all youth casts, we audition ages 5 through 18 years old for principal roles. Chorus roles need only register and do not need to audition.

Cast members will be asked to prepare a memorized monologue and act the part. A vocal selection from the production is often required. They will be coached through this process. Please bring accompaniment in the form of a recording or pianist. We are looking for vocal range and volume. This is done to ensure the most successful placement of each cast member.

Cast members may be asked to return for a call back. At this time, they will be asked to do a cold read, which is an excerpt from the production and often with another character.

Cast lists will be posted at the studio and online as soon as the roles have been filled. Rehearsal schedules will be posted and online. These schedules are subject to change.


Every student who auditions is in the production. The audition process is a way for us to determine the most successful role for each cast member. No prior experience is necessary.

  1. Prepared, memorized monologue of no more than 2 minutes. ACT! We want to see you act. 
  2. Vocal - excerpts from the production or familiar tunes. You may bring a prepared piece to sing but please provide your own music.
  3. Cold read - you may be asked to read with another character from the script of the show.
  4. Interview - the director will ask questions regarding interest level for certain roles, comfort with singing solo or in the chorus, dance experience and other theatre experience.
  5. All conflicts need to noted on the audition form.

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