Stage Door Performance Troupe (Team Only) 2019-20

Jackie Byers
Upstart Crow Studios: Crow's Nest Theater (location map)
Mon, Wed, Fri, TBA
01/06/20 - 03/20/20 (10 weeks)

Upstart Crow's Stage Door Performance Troupe is an invitation-only group for students who have demonstrated the dedication, determination, and a desire to take their theatre arts education to the next level. These students are self-motived, want to greatly increase their vocal, dance and acting technique while giving back to the community, setting an example, and participating in the musical theatre experience of a lifetime.

Monday 5:00-6:00pm
Wednesday 4:15-6:15pm
Friday 4:30-5:30pm
Private Lessons - TBD

Upcoming Meetings
02/26/20    TBA Wednesday 02/26/20 TBA
02/28/20    TBA Friday 02/28/20 TBA
03/09/20    TBA Monday 03/09/20 TBA
03/11/20    TBA Wednesday 03/11/20 TBA
03/13/20    TBA Friday 03/13/20 TBA
03/16/20    TBA Monday (Moved from: 03/02/20) 03/16/20 TBA
(Moved from: 03/02/20)
03/18/20    TBA Wednesday (Moved from: 03/04/20) 03/18/20 TBA
(Moved from: 03/04/20)
03/20/20    TBA Friday (Moved from: 03/06/20) 03/20/20 TBA
(Moved from: 03/06/20)